Sandton Plastic Surgery Pricing

Plastic Surgery - First Consultation, Payments, and Procedures

The first 30-minute consultation, for any plastic surgery procedure, for both new and existing patients, will be billed at R850. Please ensure that you arrive punctually to avoid appointment overlaps.

Patients are required to finalise their payments on consultation. It is then up to the patient to submit the invoice to their medical scheme for reimbursement from their “Day-to-Day Benefits”. In the case of a PMB diagnosis, we will assist the patient in obtaining the necessary documentation required for the procedure to be funded by the hospital, although this cannot be guaranteed.


Doctor Ridwaan Mia

Billing Policy for Reconstructive Surgery

As a Discovery Health contracted doctor the billing policy of Doctor Ridwan Mia’s practice is to charge the Discovery Classic Direct Rate, which is significantly less than the private rate. These rates are fully covered by some medical schemes, whilst others may require co-payment by the patient. The co-payment amount will be determined by the benefits that are applicable to the patient’s medical scheme. In cases where the patient’s diagnosis is part of the Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB), the cost of the surgery may be covered in full, provided that the patient follows the rules as set out by their medical scheme and by the South African Law.

Just like in any other area, patients at the Sandton practice are usually required to attend a fifteen-minute check-up with the plastic surgeon, one week and six weeks after receiving the surgery. Special cases may require more intensive post-surgery treatment, although this will be arranged directly with the patient. All visits within the first six weeks following the surgery will not be billed, as per the requirements of the South African Medical Association. If a patient requires any additional consumables they will be billed according to standard NAPPI rates. All consultations following this six-week period will be billed at a reduced rate of R450. If any new problems arise, these will be billed and treated as an entirely new consultation.



Administrative paperwork

Owing to the administrative burden that arises when patients and organisations request considerable amounts of paperwork, additional fees will be charged for the compilation of extensive medical reports and documentation. Documentation that exceeds four A4 pages will be billed at R1 000 and documents that are longer than this will be billed at R3 000. Prescriptions for collection and electronic transmissions that occur during the first six weeks after the procedure will not be charged for, thereafter nominal fees, as specified by SAMA, will apply.

Follow up consultations and Check-Ups

Our Cancellation Policy

In order to ensure that our surgery rooms run according to schedule and that you experience an acceptable waiting time, the following cancellation policy will be put into operation:

  1. Patients who are 15 minutes late will be required to re-schedule their appointment (no exceptions will be made).
  2. Patients who cancel their appointment less than 24 hours prior to the time will be re-booked at the next available slot, which may only be within a few weeks or even months.

Policies for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery

Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery procedures are not covered by insurance or medical benefit schemes; therefore patients are to take full responsibility for all costs. These surgical procedures must be paid in full, prior to hospital admission. Please note that we do not offer payment instalment options or in-house finance, but we can refer our patients to registered credit providers.

Contact us on 0114636591 or 0117092181 to book your consultation for any Reconstructive Surgery or Aesthetic Surgery procedure.


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