SkinCeuticals Replenishing Cleanser Cream



SkinCeuticals Replenishing Cleanser Cream is a restorative, ceramide complex cleanser. With its superior cream-to-foam surfactant technology, the dual action of deeply cleansing while still maintaining essential moisture in the skin is very unique. It lathers to a creamy, rich foam to remove impurities, dirt, and long wear make-up and then rinses clear of residue, restoring balance in the skin. It primes the skin for at-home cosmeceutical use. Recommended for oily, normal and dry skin that is prone to tightness after cleansing.

Key ingredients include a unique Amilite Surfactant System, which is a mild cleansing agent derived from glycine and coconut fatty acids with natural conditioning properties. It creates a dense, rich foam that efficiently emulsifies to lift debris and make-up with causing the skin to feel dry. Even in the presence of oil, it retains its abundant foaming properties. It also contains a Ceramide Complex composed of proprietary ceramide and glycerin: a long chain of lipids that mirrors the major structures of the skin barrier and which is essential to maintaining the skin’s water-retention capacity and natural moisture balance. Panthenol derived from Vitamin B5 is an effective humectant that helps the skin absorb and retain moisture from the environment. Contains a blend of lavender, orange and rosemary oil. Dye & Alcohol-free. Non-comedogenic

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