Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Without a doubt Breast Augmentation is the most popular cosmetic request. The idea is simple but the execution more specific than it sounds. In essence the procedure involves placing a silicone gel implant into your breasts to make them larger with a more defined shape.

Where most people agree in Breast Augmentation surgery, with the help from the surgeon is that one needs to decide on the size of the implant – this will depend on what you want and what your body will allow. We will also need to discuss placement of the implant and then talk, at length, about the risks of undergoing the surgery.

The procedure will be done in theatre and will take roughly 1 hour. You will need to spend the night in hospital but this is to ensure the first few hours post-surgery are spent with staff to help you adjust to your new breasts.

I want you to feel comfortable at all times and be relaxed enough to ask me any questions you might have, the last thing we want is concern. That is why you are always welcome to book a second consultation free of charge – just to go over the finer points of your surgery.

Anaesthetic: General anaesthetic
Hospital stay: 1 night
Driving: 4 – 7 days
Back to work: 1 – 3 weeks
Exercise: 6 weeks.

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