Liposuction (otherwise known as lipoplasty) is particularly well-suited for women and men who are of relatively normal weight, but who have isolated pockets of fat that are resistant to dieting. These fat deposits may cause certain areas of the body to appear disproportionate and these localised fat deposits may sometimes be an inherited trait, which is why they do not respond to dieting or exercise. Liposuction is often the only way to eliminate them. Liposuction is more correctly called “liposculpture”, as it is a technique that helps contour certain fat deposits. Please note that this is not a form of weight loss.


Duration of operation: 1 – 4 hours, depending on the number of areas treated
Anaesthetic: General anaesthetic
Hospital stay: 1 night
Driving: 4 – 7 days
Back to work: 1 – 2 weeks
Exercise: 4 weeks .
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