Prominent ears are a congenital abnormality that can affect ones self confidence. Usually this occurs during childhood at school going age, where teasing may result in emotional trauma. Normally prominent ears can be surgically corrected between the ages of five and ten years old and also performed on adults who would like improvement to their ears.

Other reasons for surgery would be an abnormality due to trauma or cancer resection. The ear can be reconstructed in these circumstances, depending on the part of the ear that is missing.

The surgery is normally performed under general anaesthetic but minor corrections can be done in older patients under local anaesthetic.
An incision will be placed in the back of the ear through which most of the operation will be performed. The cartilage of the ear will be manipulated and sutures will be placed to hold the ear in its new position. The wounds will then be closed. The dressing applied to the ears after surgery is very important to the success of the operation. This is a type of soft helmet dressing that needs to stay on for approximately a week.


Duration of operation: 2.5 hours
Anaesthetic: General Anaesthetic
Hospital stay: 1 – 2 nights
Driving: 1 week
Back to work: 1 – 2 weeks
Exercise: 4 – 6 weeks .
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