Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery involves the treatment of open wounds, which are a result of trauma, burns, congenital abnormalities, cancer resection, and other surgical procedures. Reconstructive Surgery procedures include:

  • The repair of open wounds in sensitive areas, such as the face, the hands, and the trunk, is done with meticulous care. It involves timeous debridement, the removal of foreign matter, pressured irrigation, removal of infected or non-living tissue, and then closure by means of stitches. This procedure is performed in layers so that minimal scarring will result. Skin grafting and flap surgery is employed when indicated, although this may involve the use of tissue of differing layers of thickness, which is taken from an alternative site on the body.
  • Lesion removal often results in large defects (including skin and other cancers, benign moles, tumours and congenital masses), which require repairing. This procedure enables us to close these defects by using direct suture closure, flap surgery, or skin grafting.
  • Breast reconstruction, augmentation, and lifts are sometimes done after a mastectomy and a removal of lumps from the breasts. This is done with the intention of preserving the symmetry of the breasts, the renewal of shape and volume, and the restoration of a youthful breast.
  • Open fractures of the lower limbs are reconstructed after fracture reduction for soft tissue cover.
  • Hand injuries that require fracture management, repair of tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles are done with techniques that may involve the use of plates, a microscope, splints and specialised techniques. This ensures that adequate healing and suitable post-operative functions are achieved. This surgery is performed in conjunction with an occupational therapist that has been trained in hand injury rehabilitation.
  • Burn wounds are managed holistically with physiological, medical, and surgical treatment. This involves the resection of all the burnt tissue and all dressings and skin grafting.

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