Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

It is recommended that patients wait until they are at least 14 or 15 years of age, possibly older for boys, before undergoing Rhinoplasty. This is owing to the fact that the nose may not be fully developed at a younger age.

Rhinoplasty is often performed in conjunction with a facelift or other rejuvenate surgery. Rhinoplasty is intended to correct the changes that occur to the nose over time, for example a drooping tip or a nose that a patient is unhappy with in terms of shape or size. This surgery can be performed together with nasal septum surgery for airway problems.


Duration of operation: 2.5 hours
Anaesthetic: General Anaesthetic
Hospital stay: 1 – 2 nights
Driving: 1 week
Back to work: 1 – 2 weeks
Exercise: 4 – 6 weeks .
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