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TODAY’S the big day she’s been waiting for since that terrible night more than five months ago when doctors had no hope her two-year-old daughter, Pippie, would sur- vive the freak accident that had left her with third-degree burns over 80 per cent of her tiny body. But Anicè Kruger stayed hopeful, praying and searching for solutions – until she dis- covered new skin could be grown for Pippie in America. Scientists would use the little girl’s own stem cells and the skin would be grafted onto her severely injured body in South Africa (YOU, 24 May).

And today, a week after the groundbreak- ing operation in which 29 precious patches of skin were grafted, they’ll know whether they’ve successfully attached.

“I’ve said before I feel like a child who’s received a Christmas present. Today that present is being opened and I can’t wait to play with it,” the 27-year-old mom says ex- citedly at Garden City Clinic in Johannes- burg where Pippie (now 3) is making her way towards recovery.

The expectation is clear in Anicè’s voice, eyes and appearance. Her nail polish is vari- ous shades of pink; she has neon-pink streaks and a pink flower in her dark hair as well as pink shoes to match her outfit.

“It’s all for Pippie,” she explains. “I’ve giv- en the nursing staff pink ribbons and the doctors pink ties and braces to wear when they go into theatre tonight.”